We ran across this blog post by The Align Team out of Cheyenne,  Wyoming discussing the value provided by consultants, and so many of the points made in this  post resonated with us. As consultants in high performance, we share a similar desire with any consultant from any industry, to come alongside others on their journey, providing our expertise to help solve problems and/or to execute solutions. Although we may specialize in different industries, we wanted to add our thoughts below on what we felt was an excellent blog post. We encourage you to read the blog and explore the link it provides to the Leap of Reason: Ambassadors Imperative website and their “Seven Pillars of High Performance.

Managing human performance on any level, one on one, within a department, or across an  organization, is a necessity to achieve high performance. The process is a constant balancing of ever-changing dynamics. It requires a consistent picture of organizational clarity, despite those dynamics. But that clarity becomes much more difficult to maintain the longer a group works  together within a single organization. Groupthink keeps us believing that we have no faults and  cognitive bias tells us that we don’t need to change despite the gut feeling that something isn’t  right. Mark Twain said, “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, you should pause and  reflect.” The reality of groupthink and cognitive bias that exists within all organizations is that  sometimes we have no idea how cloudy our picture has become. Success is a moving target,  and it is hard enough to hit on its own. Sometimes we need to pause and reflect with a fresh pair of eyes to provide clarity.

We know that the world moves quickly. Spending too much time operating in a cloud leads to poor performances, injuries, or will leave us falling behind our competition. Relying on experts to  provide clarity results in faster solutions because we have probably seen the situation before. New and fresh ideas are the perfect remedy for the groupthink and cognitive bias that slows an organization’s progress. Experts can provide the individual needs that are unique to an organization or department so that the cycle of “this is how we have always done it”, doesn’t cripple growth and success.

We also know that all organizations are full of good people, with great ideas, but maybe they do not have the bandwidth to take on the work needed to execute a solution. The Align Team blog post highlights this point. We can provide the extra hands needed to do the lifting so that good ideas can be executed quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are an athlete preparing for competition, a performance department looking to  improve the care of athletes, an organization seeking to establish a successful culture, a company that isn’t firing on all cylinders, or an entrepreneur working to get a performance product/idea off the ground, we want to provide our expertise and come alongside for the journey.

Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts but more importantly, contact us to let us  know how we can help.