What does an elite High-Performance Department look like in sport? If I am a President, GM, Sporting Director, Technical Director, Team Operations Manager or High-Performance Director, how can I predict whether “my high performance group” can deliver?

Qualities of Elite High Performance Teams

To understand whether your team has the qualities to achieve elite high-performance on a consistent basis, I would ask myself the following questions:

Do we have organizational alignment?

  • Does the team have an understanding of the organizations vision, mission and values?
  • Does the team have a structure that reflects how they can impact the goals of the organization both on the business and the competition sides?

Does our team have unity and direction?

  • Does our team possess an identity?
  • Does the team have trust?
  • Does each team member feel as though they belong?
  • Does the team feel they have a future?

Does our group have diversity in skill sets?

  • Does each practitioner bring something unique to the team?
  • Do their backgrounds provide a different perspective because of where they have been?

Do we employ a purposeful process?

  • Is there a method?
  • Are there clear roles and responsibilities?
  • Is everyone on the same page?

Are we capturing and leveraging impactful data?

  • Is the data relevant and reliable (high data hygiene)?
  • Is that data connected?
  • Does that data drive decisions?

Is the team achieving precision in application?

  • Does the team deliver?
  • When they coach, do people listen?
  • When they coach, do you feel their energy?
  • Do their interactions with players produce behavioral change?
  • Do they hit home runs when it is their turn at bat?

Consistent Success = “Yes” Answers Across the Board

When answer to these questions is yes, high-performance teams will have a consistent positive impact on the success of an organization.

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